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Ten Things I Wish I Knew Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, I left Italy on a one-way ticket to London. I had no job lined up and no long-term accommodation. In the end, things turned out fine. If I could meet my younger self, here are ten things I would tell him.

When should you fix software bugs?

Every bug has the potential to degenerate in a catastrophic incident. Adopting a policy of fixing bugs as soon as they are reported can work as a risk mitigation strategy.

Your productivity setup is fine the way it is

Once you found a productivity setup that works for you, tweaking it will only deliver minor improvements. It won’t make it any easier to get your actual work done. Don’t let bike shedding distract you from showing up and doing the work.

Recipes are for cakes, not careers

When seeking and implementing advice from the internet, be mindful of the context it applies to. Recipes are good for deterministic domains such as cooking, but real life is more complex and there are too many variables that affect the end result of a process.


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