Tech Is Never The Problem – Content Moderation Edition

The Elon and Twitter episode is still playing on The Current Thing Show. Here’s a snippet of Sam Harris’s commentary on it, in particular on the whether it’s possible to use tech to solve the moderation problem, which seems to be a big item on Musk’s list:

If moderation was easy, someone would have figured it out by now. […]

It just seems like there’s always going to be apes in the loop. At least to adjudicate someone being kicked off or reinstated.

You need people at a certain point to process these claims of who should be kicked off and who shouldn’t. And what you have in front of you is an endless series of judgment calls, some of which are trivially easy and some of which are really hard.

I don’t see how that problem ever goes away.
So I don’t see how you don’t always have enormous numbers of dissatisfied people in the wake of even the wisest moderation policy.

I’ve said it already, tech is never the problem; all problems are people problems.

Even if the folks at Twitter could automate their way out of having people involved in the decision-making of moderation, there are still going to be people on the receiving end of those decisions.

And you can bet some of them will have a problem with it.