Books vs. Breakfasts

Where I live, the price of a decent breakfast is the same as a book.

Think about the difference in return of investment between the two.

Even the most delicious breakfast will last only the few minutes it takes you to eat it. Part of it will become nutrients for your body. Some will get burned for energy. Some more, possibly lots, will be stored as far. And I don’t need to explain what will happen to the rest of it.

Now, compare that with a book.

Reading a book takes hours, often spread over multiple days. While you read, you are exercising your brain. The stories you experience, the facts you learn, and the new ideas you discover stay with you once you’re done. Some of them may fade as soon as you’re finished. But others will become part of your soul.

You can never learn less from a book. Even the worse of books can teach you at least one thing: To avoid that author in the future.

By every measure that matters, buying a book is a much better use of your money than buying breakfast.

Hopefully, you live comfortably enough to afford both a good book and a lovely breakfast to go with it. But if you ever find yourself needing to make your dollars count, choose a book instead of a long black and smashed avo.

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